Friday, October 19, 2012

Barrel and Keg Pellicles October 2012

 Dark sour racked from a barrel into keg.  East Coast Bretts.

 Dark sour

 Dark sour

 Dark Sour


 10G barrel with Blond sour.  ECY bretts from Dark Barrel to inoculate.



Thursday, June 21, 2012

Monday, June 11, 2012

New Thirty and Ten Gallon Barrels

 A 30G sitting on top of a 10G.

 The barrels were from  They were used for wine and my friends dad was throwing them out.  I soaked them in hot H20 and a friend ran them through his barrel washer and ozoned them before use.


 60G's resting in the garage.

30G by the 60G.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Brewhouse and Cellar

Board mounted pump allows for tons versatility.

Preheated water from the night before allows me to mash in first thing.  A Quad, Triple and Saison done in 7 hours!!  30 gallons total in kegs when fermentation is done.

Cleaning area.

Ferment on the left and cold storage on the right.

Freezer conversion. 
  Taps on the side keep the lines out of the way when you change kegs.

Cold storage for hops.
 Two mash/kettles combinations on each end.

Lauter tun sits in the middle.

Top kettle is the hot liquor 

 Sir plates made from hard drives and cell phone chargers.

They work okay, but need some experience to use.

Heating and cooling helps keep the beer within a degree of set-point.
Old fermentation fridge with heating pad.
Well used brew stand.

Natural gas flame with orifice drilled out to 5/64".

Some orange flame, but no blackening of the kettle bottoms.

Lots of heat!

NG hook up.  With propane I needed 2 tanks to feed the vapor requirements of heavy use or the flames would die down.

Angles for strength.

Ugly, but works great!!

  Burner mount.

Pipe hanger

Jay's false bottoms from Homebrewtalk.

I transfer the mash by hand.

Triple brew day move around.

Triple brew day with LT sitting on keg allowing me to use middle burner for 3rd boil.